5 Tips for Successful Living

If you desire something greater for yourself, don’t put off your plans to change until some later date. Make today the day.
Use these helpful tips to improve yourself, boost your productivity and have a better life.

Measure Up.
Before you leave work this evening, write down benchmarks you can use to track your progress. These checkpoints will keep you accountable for reaching your objectives.​
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By the end of the week, catch up with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. See how conversation can improve your mood.​
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Business Foundations from the Wharton School

Jump the Hurdles.
What obstacles are stopping you from reaching your goals? Pause immediately to think about ways you can overcome them, and set up a plan to tackle each one.​
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Advanced Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform

Find a Spark.
Before you call it a night, think about what you’re passionate about. Brainstorm different ways you can use your talents.​
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Quit Your Whinin’.
For the rest of the day, try not to complain. Focus on staying positive and appreciating what you have.​
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