5 Free Online Trainings For Entrepreneurs

Enrolling in an online course is a good way to enhance your knowledge of your business and industry, develop new skills and remain relevant in your domain.

Gone are the days when you have to pay to take classroom courses or weekend programs. Thanks to the internet, you can now access virtually any information or training from the phone, laptops right in the comfort of your home or office, or even while travelling. Having said this, there are 5 courses from Udemy you can take if you are looking to improve and grow your bottom line. These courses cover various subjects are suitable for beginners or could also serve as refreshers for those already advanced in their enterprise.

Five Free Courses for Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs courtesy of Udemy.

Effective Small Business Marketing

  • How to Double or Triple Your Customers in the next 60 to 90 Days. What you’ll learn:
  • The 3 keys that will determine the success of any marketing effort you make.
  • The #1 thing, that if you do this, you will never have to worry about getting customers – ever again…
  • How to identify the “Optimal” marketing strategy for your industry, that is currently bringing millions of dollars to your competitors…
  • How to craft a simple marketing message that will compel people to act right away and seek you out.
  • How to consistently attract your ideal client and keep them buying from you year after year.
  • The key to making your marketing efforts more and more effective and profitable month after month.
  • The 6 marketing boosters that will double or triple the number of customers you get – and money you make.
  • How to automate your marketing so that customers come to you, a lot more than you go chase after them.

Win in Business

  • Winning in business is everything! Learn how to win in business the Frank Underwood way.

How to Start an Online Business: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

  • Drop shipping Products for Beginners. How to Work with Wholesalers to Get Products At Wholesale Prices To Sell For A Profit Without Buying Inventory Upfront. Detail of this course include:
  • Gain access to any retail product at wholesale prices and have them drop shipped to customers.
  • Validate your retail product ideas and prove they sale by using eBay, Amazon, and Google.
  • Get a Tax ID and Business License in order to work with wholesalers in the U.S.
  • Start a business internationally and get retail products from anywhere in the world.
  • Ask unlimited questions to the instructor and get help along the way to their success.

SaleHoo: a one-stop shop for drop shipping and e-commerce industry leader

Supercharge Your Business: Your Roadmap to Success

  • Giving YOU the skills to analyze and drastically improve your business’ performance, boost profits and achieve success! What you’ll learn include:
  • Learn how to identify, access and use data to improve decision making in your business.
  • Learn how to identify and access data your business is already collecting, how to turn this data into useful analysis of your business and how to work out what additional data you need and how you can begin capturing this.
  • In addition to the video lectures and supporting notes, you will receive a range of worksheets and tools that you can use again and again. These tools and templates have been developed and tested over many years of consulting to organizations of all sizes, in all industries and of all maturities.

Better Sales Results? Start with Better Sales Ideas

  • If you want something different – Do something different. Get the inside stuff that puts you in control of what happens. Things to look out for:
  • The single biggest thing that separates amateurs from professions is their willingness to look at ideas maybe in a new way and then the ability to take action! – what we will be coaching to is a system you can drop into your business to start getting specific results on purpose.
  • Learn the why traditional sales methods just don’t work. How to separate yourself from the competition on such a way that builds credibility and identifies you as the professional they need to work with.
  • Get the inside stuff no one else gets. Learn new ways to get your call returned and stay in control of what happens next.


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    Thank you sincerely for the great task you have taken upon yourself to help empower us. It has been very helpful.

    Have you any piece on time management that I missed out?

    Kind regards, Ugo Aghaji

    On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 2:30 AM Empowering Individuals to Optimize Their Potential wrote:

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