Rejection: What You Should Know About It

“There is nothing to fear about rejection. It is God’s protection and a nudge in the right direction” – Unknown

Have you failed or are you going through a trying time? May be you just lost your job or an opportunity you think was rightfully yours. Did you just get a bad news at work? Perhaps you feel disappointed that despite all your efforts, you are not getting the commendation you deserve,  instead others who are “less” skillful or committed are getting all the recognition and you’re being overlooked. You might be going through a rough patch at the moment and don’t understand why things are the way the are despite all your hard work and commitment. Take a few minutes and watch the video below.

While I was in high school over twenty years plus ago, my plan was to get into the University right after leaving high school. However, due to low scores in the requisite entrance exams – Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB, as we call it in Nigeria), I had to spend almost 2 years at home. At this point, I was getting almost frustrated and was ready to settle for less. So, I applied for a program with a lower entrance requirement, though it wasn’t my area of interest. I just wanted to get into college.

Rejection doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. It simply means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer. 

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However, while I was going through the admissions process, the Head of Department (HOD) sent for me. When I met him, I told me frankly that he was not going to accept me into his department. His reasons were simple: based on his years of experience, he felt that with the kind of results I had in high school (I finished with 9 straight distinctions – 9 A’s), he would rather I take on something more challenging and more related to what core subjects in high school. He asked me several questions and figured out that I was in a hurry to get into college, because most of my friends were already in the university. I begged him, wept and pleaded that I didn’t want to stay at home anymore, but he didn’t shift ground. He spoke to me softly and firmly advised that I go after my dreams and not allow temporary disappointments make me change my goals.

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At that time, it looked like one of the lowest moments in my life. I couldn’t imagine spending another year at home, while my friends flaunted their university IDs when they came home on holidays and shared experiences they had in school. Looking back today, that rejection is a blessing in disguise. It made believe in myself, to set higher goals for myself and aim for greater heights in life. I am grateful the wise prof said “NO.” That “NO” got me on the path of stretching myself, rising above mediocrity and striving to become the best I could be. It was a spark of dissatisfaction with present situation, a reality check and a driver for aspiring for greatness.

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Perhaps you are at the verge of giving up on your dreams because of the countless failures you have encountered. I want to encourage you to cheer up. Don’t give. If a door closes, a better door is about to open for you. Over the years, whenever I wasn’t offered an opportunity I was seeking for, instead of feeling dejected, I’d usually tell myself “It is their loss. They have just lost the opportunity to hire an exceptional candidate. Something better awaits me, they don’t deserve my talents and skills. So I will wait for my perfect opportunity” So don’t let rejection stagnate you or limit you from your dreams. Be encouraged today that there is greatness in you. There is something in you the world is looking for, and if you persists enough, you will succeed.

When you fear rejection, you put a limit on your potential and lock the door of opportunities that could come your way. 


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