10 Reasons You Might Be Failing to Achieve Your Goals

“Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed” – Robert Kiyosaki 

Several years ago while I was in the University, majority of my friends informed me they were planning to move into a new hostel that was nearing completion, starting the next academic session.

I love the idea and fantasized what it would look like staying in a brand new hostel with all the functional amenities in place, unlike the dilapidated old residence we were occupying at the time. However, there was a sore point for me – finance. My parents had always struggled to get my school fees paid on time and I barely managed to get by on meals, books and other basic things I needed as a student. So, I figured being a new hostel, the price was going to be slightly higher than what I was already struggling to pay. By the time students resumed and started getting room allocations, I was still battling with getting money to pay my school fees. Springboard Home 2
The new hostel with all its allures and attractions was now obviously an unaffordable luxury. But I still kept hope alive.

Every now and then, I will check with the officers in charge of allocation to find out if there were still some unoccupied rooms, and I would get assurances that I would be able to get something, if I acted fast. As days turned into weeks and weeks into more weeks, the mumber of spaces were diminishing faster than the milliseconds hand of a clock. My hopes also dwindled in the same manner.

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Finally, the news I dreaded most came – all the spaces were gone. Suddenly, I realized that all my close friends had moved in and I was left out. In my early years in school, I had built a network of friends with whom I shared a lot in common. We studies, prayed, played, joked, laughed and also cried together, especially when our results didn’t come out as anticipated. I couldn’t imagine staying without these guys who had become more like another family after spending 3 years together. The early morning trek all alone to Morning Mass and lectures were particularly long and torturous, but I was determined to find a way. My favourite quote then was from the Bible. It read ” To him who believes ALL THINGS were possible” (cf: Mark 9:23). I had it written on a piece of paper and carried it around everywhere I went. I never let anyone see it or know why I had it with me.

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Whenever I caught myself thinking or wondering how I was going to realize my desire, I would either pull it out and recite it, or quietly do same under my breath. Long story short, I got the money and by a strange coincidence, the allocation officers realized after over 2 months of closing their books, that there was a room where they had assigned less number of students than they should have. Nobody picked up this error in over 2 months! I guess God must have kept that for me. Who says faith doesn’t work? I have learnt that if we are resolute and determined, no matter the obstacle, we will achieve our goals.

A lot people fail to get what they want because of several factors. Over the years, I am continuing to learn everyday that we can be as successful, healthy, happy, wealthy and fulfilled as we choose to be. Nobody, but you set the limit. From my numerous experiences and from what I have come to discover from studying and observing several people’s lives, below are some of the reasons people fail to optimize their potential or become the best they can be.

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1. Their goals are not specific: vague goals will produce vague results. What you sow is what you reap. I was clear on what I wanted.

2. They are doubtful: You need to believe in your dreams and in yourself. Don’t let doubt come in the way. Begin a task and keep going at it – never let the “how” stop you. Always keep your focus on the “why”. When you have a strong why, you will always find a way and you can withstand any situation.

3. They don’t take action: I cannot overemphasize the importance of action. A lot people fail, due to inaction. Take action on your dreams today. Don’t wait till tomorrow.

4. Their goals are not Motivating: How big is your goal? The size of your goal determines the level of motivation you have. Imagine two guys who left school the same day, one decides he wants to make $20,000 a year, while another sets a goal to make a million dollars a year. The guy with the bigger goal will be more motivated. He  will think and devise ways to achieve his goals and would obviously have higher levels of  motivation. Don’t settle for less, when you can have more.

5. They are not committed: Commitment leads to action and this brings your goals closer. People fail, not because of lack of desire, but due to lack of commitment.

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6. They lack focus: Those who are successful usually focus on the possibilities of success, while those who are not focus on the potential for failure. So, focus on the outcome not the obstacles.

7. They give too many excuses: ” Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses” – George Washington Carver. I need not add to that.

8. They don’t know how to handle failures: Failure is falling down, but refusing to get up. Learn to use failure as an inspiration, a springboard to launch you forward. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts” Winston Churchill

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9. They give in too easily to distractions:  Focus comes from eliminating distractions. Starve your distraction, feed your focus.

10: They give up too soon: No matter how bad the situation is, you can begin again. Never ever mistake a single defeat with a final defeat. Sometimes, when you give up, it means you never really wanted it. Keep keeping on.


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