How Motivational Books and Mentors Can Influence Your Life

We all at one point or another in our lives have been influenced by great teachers and mentors. For some they came in form of our parents nudging and pushing on to greater levels of performance or success. While for others, it was a teacher figure, a senior colleague, manager or even a sports coach. The impact and importance of having good mentors in our lives cannot be overemphasized, and therefore worth revisiting once in a while.

Do you currently have a coach, guide, consultant or a guru you look up to? Someone you go to for regular advice, inspiration and guidance. Which books are you currently drawing inspiration from? If you are like most people, you probably don’t have any because you are either too busy or you are pushing it away to an ideal date, and this might perhaps explain why you are not operating at an optimal level in your personal life and career. In this blog, I will attempt to explore the importance of exposing ourselves to the right kind of information and influence for a positive life change. Every great athlete, sports person, successful business man or woman, rich and famous people all at one time or another have attributed their successes to the very special people in their lives who acted as mentors or coaches at one point or another.

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If you have read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, you will notice he referred to Andrew Carnegie as the man who was responsible for the massive turnaround in his life and career. Jim Rohn talked a lot about Earl Schoaff.For Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn was a major influence in his life, Bob Proctor referred to his time working with Earl Nightingale as key turning point. Although we might not have the opportunity to meet some of the great people we hear about today, technology has made it easy to gain access to information about them which we can access even from the comfort of our homes or offices. There are quite a lot of authors I refer to today as mentors even though I have never or might never get to meet them in persons. However, I have had the opportunity to read books written by them and so tap from their wisdom.

Countless number of rich, wealthy and successful people I have read about or listened to have all made reference to certain books which acted as catalysts to their stupendous wealth and success. In this case, the authors of those books acted as mentors or influencers in a way. Someone I read that 5 years from now, you will be the same person apart from the people you met and the books you have read. What or who is influencing your life today? You aspire to be successful and wealthy. Yes, that is a lofty goal and I commend you for that. But the question is: how many books on these subjects have you read in the last 3 months? What new thing are you learning everyday? What is influencing your daily actions and habits?

Why do you need a positive influence or mentor?

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1. Shorter Learning Curve. A good book or coach will provide valuable insights drawn from personal experiences which helps you to avoid the same mistakes they made along their journey to success. Even if for some reasons, you cannot read, you can at least listen to audio tapes.

2. Accelerated Career Growth: Having a career mentor for example, have been known to enhance visibility and in some cases recognition for the mentee leading to rapid promotion and advancement. Additionally, by regularly exposing yourself to good information you improve your knowledge and helps you stand out from your peers.

3. Opportunity to develop leadership, communication, management and other necessary necessary skills for rising to the top of your career.

4. Builds confidence and Self-belief. There is a kind of feeling you get, when you begin to study and learn new things daily in the direction of your dreams. Suddenly, you realize that things are not as difficult as they seem, and that if someone (you are reading about) has done it before, you can also do it. This creates a positive mindset and creates a sense of purpose.

5. Shapes Your Outlook. When you have form the habit of reading motivational books, your perspective about life gradually begins to take on a new look. You no longer see things from your own limited or narrow viewpoint, but you tend to see a bigger picture, you begin to act differently and ultimately get a better and more positive outcome.


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