Resilience: Attitude of Winners

I read a book over 20 years ago written by Robert Schuller. In it I found several nuggets of truths which has since stayed with me. They form part of the philosophy of my life today. Robert said “Tough times never last but tough people do”. I want to ask you ” how tough are you?” Are you the type who gives up at the slightest appearance of a challenge or difficulty? In your quest to win the battle of the mind, if there is one mindset you must develop, it is this attitude of never, ever giving up!
When should you give up on a task? The answer is “UNTIL” you see the desired result. UNTIL is a very power word. It can be the difference between riches and poverty, success and failure, health and illness and so forth. Never give up, UNTIL you get that dream job, UNTIL you achieve that goal. UNTIL you get that certification or promotion. Until drove men like the Wright Brothers, Graham Bell, Bill Gates, to name but a few.

Never settle for less! The difference between those who succeed and those fail, is that extra push. The difference between ordinary people and extraordinary ones is that little extra. Learn to go the extra mile.
Thomas Edison, the man who invented the electric bulb failed 10,000 times in an attempt to invent the electric bulb. He was told he was crazy, that he was wasting his time and resources and that there was no use continuing with a venture after failing almost 10,000 times. But he shut out the voices and opinions of others and continued on his quest. You need to learn the character of shutting out limiting thoughts, beliefs and opinions of well meaning friends and family in your pursuit of excellence. Ediso  had a convinction that somewhere within him was the solution. Each time he failed, his reaction was “well I have found a way not to do this”. The reality in life is that failure is a better teacher than success. I have also discovered that there is no mistake in life, every experience is a lesson. I learn from my personal experiences as well as that of others.

The power of choice. Always remember that you have a choice and you have the power to exercise your choice. You can choose to win or choose to be defeated. Whatever choice you make determines your outcome. In the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steve Covey, he nentioned something powerful. He says that between a stimulus and a response, there is always a gap and in that gap lies your power of choice. Your have the power to choose how you respond to what life throws at you. Have you wondered why two people are subjected to the same situation, one is successful but the other sees only defeat and failure? It’s not what happens to you that matters but what you do about it. You can choose to see every problem as an opportunity to learn, stretch and grow or you can see it as an insurmountable obstacle. The choice is yours!

Don’t stay too long in your comfort or discomfort zone. Some people have become so used  to mediocrity, second fiddle and average that sometimes they become unconsciously afraid of moving forward or making progress. This is what some psychologist call fear of success syndrome. I once mentored a lady who got an email from a recruiter via LinkedIn. The recruitea identified her as a potential candidate for a very senior position. The first thought for her was “no way, it must be a mistake, I don’t see myself qualified for this role. May be its someone else they are looking for” Sometimes we short-change ourselves in life by settling for an average life. John Mason wrote a book titled The Enemy Called Average. Look for it, buy and read. The greatest enemy of the best is sometimes the good. GOD told the Israelites “you have dwelt too long on this mountain. Turn, take up your journey and go…. Deut 1:6-8. They got so used to seeing the glory of God in the form of the pillar of fire and cloud, they enjoyed the manna they got effortlessly everyday and suddenly forgot they were on a mission to the promised Land – a land which flowed with milk and honey. Where are you today? What is your state in life? Arw you living your dream life today? If all things were possible by a magic wand, what will you settle for? Are you satisfied with your health, wealth, relationship with God and people, bank balance, career, marriage, business, and accomplishments? What can you improve on? Stagnancy leads to sinking. If you don’t develop, you will sink, you’ll be deformed. God told the Israelites to do three things:
1. Turn
2. Take up
3. Go

Turn, take a different direction. Do something different today than you do yesterday. Read a book, spend time to pray, write that letter, clean up the clutter. Turn a new leaf. Begin afresh on a new path to victory. Jim Rohn said “if you will change, everything will change for you. If you want more, you simply have to become more. If you get better, everything will get better for you. Get better at renewing your mind. Read something positive, uplifting and motivating every day. Turn a new direction.

Take up from where you left off. Take up a new discipline today like “I will not gossip anymore, I will not say anything untrue or unjust about others, I will not let a negative thought dwell in my mind. I will speak the truth, I will be a man of integrity, think right thoughts and so on. Start from today by taking baby steps.

Go. Take action. Move. Do something. The slogan for Nike the sports manufacturer is Just Do It!

Remember, you can win the battlefield of the mind if you determine not to give up, make the right choices daily and develop a discipline of always taking the right action one step at a time daily.

Do you want to win the battlefield of the mind, then remember “winners never quit and quitters never win”

6 thoughts on “Resilience: Attitude of Winners

  1. Juliet

    For my consumption
    . The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the extra push.
    . When should one give up on task? Until you get the desired result.
    . Don’t stay too long in your comfort zone.


    1. Very true. Success ultimately belongs to those who persist. We are created to be action-oriented. The birds have to keep flying to stay in the sky, same for the airplanes or ships in the ocean. When you are stagnant, you will sink.


  2. chika ojukwu

    Never settle for less! That caught my attention. The need to push higher, not to remain stagnant cannot be overemphasized.
    I love this


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