4 Ways to Define a Successful Day

Written by By SUCCESS Staff 

What defines a successful day for you?

A day where I am “in flow.” Flow states aren’t something most of us can achieve or even want to experience every day, but being in flow is what we feel when we are doing what we love in service of others. 

—Clint McKinlay, CEO of Ruby Ribbon

When the team around me is excited about what we’re doing. If I’m the only one excited about something, it doesn’t really matter since that won’t translate into the daily work. However, if I can drive the vision and excitement to those around me, that’s how the company makes real change.

—Bruno Lima, CEO of Pura

A successful day is when I have made at least one thing 1 percent better, and I usually exceed! The 1 percent could be a company’s business process or just someone else’s day. My father recently gave me some advice to set a goal each day. I also make sure to do at least one thing, every day just for me.

— Rachel Brennan, Senior Director of Product Marketing of Bizagi

A successful day is one where I can lay down in my bed and think of just one accomplishment that puts a little happiness in my soul. Whether it’s something as simple as knocking out a household chore, making sure a client is thrilled with our work or even keeping some Tweets in the drafts; doing anything that can bring some joy or peace in my life, I would consider a success.

— Ricardo Marquez, Co-founder of Crispy Chicken


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