Where Lasting Change Begins

Believe me when I say this: if you want your life to take a different turn 6 months or 1 year from now, there is one sure place to start – your mind. Your problem is not the government, or the economy, or the job market or anything outside force. Your biggest foe is you. Right there in your mind lies the key to real success and life transformation.

From hawking on the street as a little boy to becoming by the grace of God, a regional sales leader within a multinational organization, I will attribute my success to the following – God’s grace, people, personal pursuit of excellence and building a solid character. I have had to work a lot on my mind.

Real and lasting change starts from the inside out. When you change, everything else will change for you. I challenge you to take the bold step, give yourself the chance to be the best you can ever be. Quit limiting yourself . I introduce you to two of my favourite books on the subject of the mind, which I have read several times. If you’re too busy like me lately to read, you can get the audio versions and listen simply clicking on the images of the books.

To your becoming the best version of your self.


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