4 Things Taking ACTION Can Do For You

Jude and Peter both graduated same time from the University. After leaving school, it took a while, but they eventually got jobs and started out their lives as young professionals. Jude got a job with a multinational corporation as a Graduate Trainee Engineer where he was paid about three times what Peter earned as a Sales Rep with a start-up pharmaceutical company. Since they’ve both been friends since high school days, they had a lot in common in terms of clubs they belonged to, games they watch, seminars they attended, and so on.

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About 7 months into their working career, Jude invited Peter to attend a company-organized seminar on personal finances and self development. It was a weekend long program packed full with events like presentations, training and networking activities. During one of the lectures on investment, Peter learnt something that would change his life. Before now, he thought that as a result of his low income, he was disadvantaged and would not be able to achieve much of his life dreams. Jude on the other hand felt he had the world at his feet. However, Peter left with something unique – with proper planning, focus, discipline and a bit of luck, he could turn his financial fortunes around. Armed with these information, he began to put aside a specific amount of money into a dedicated savings/investment account every month. In about 4 years, he had enough to buy a piece of real estate, invested in mutual funds and also turned his side hobbies into profit-making venture. Jude on the other side bought a flashy car, took expensive vacations and generally lived a luxurious life.

Over time, due to some unfavourable policies, Jude’s MNC decided to leave the country and had to lay off most of their staff. He was out of job. With no savings or anything else to fall on, he resorted to finding a job, which didn’t come easy. He had to take up a job as Bakery Manager in a bakery/confectionery owned by his friend Peter just to take care of his needs.

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Perhaps as you read this, you might be able to identify with Jude. You might have fallen on hard times and you are struggling to get by. Several factors could be responsible, either external or self-imposed, but I would like to highlight one here today – INACTION. It is often said that “Knowledge is Power”, but I’d rather opine that “applied knowledge is power” You might have all the knowledge, skills, ambition and passion in the world, but if this is not put into useful and focused course of action, it will all amount to frustration. Imagine what would have happened if Jude took similar actions to Peter’s after the seminar they both attended? The universe gives you what you demand with your actions, so make sure you are sowing the right seeds.

There are several reasons people don’t do well, but I want to focus on one in this blog, which is not taking action. Let’s look at 7 things action can and will do for you.

1. ACTIONS PROVE WHO YOU ARE: Say all the right things in the world, if you don’t act, you don’t change and the situation would likely remain the same. Familiar with this Bible phrase: “…by their fruits we shall know them” Matt. 7:16. A tree is recognized by it’s fruit. Quit saying “I am a generous giver”, let your action show it. Stop saying ” I am a hardworking employee”, let your actions reveal it. Be intentional and purposeful. Want to know who you are? Observe what you consistently do. If you will change, everything will begin to change for you.


2. ACTIONS BRING YOU CLOSER TO YOUR GOALS: We’ve all heard that the “journey of a thousand miles begins with a step” That first step towards the achievement of your goals is super critical! As someone else said “one inch of movement will bring you closer yo your goals that a mile of intention” Ask Thomas Edison about the power of action. He repeatedly makes mistakes after mistakes in his quest to invent the electric bulb. Every failure simply taught him how “not to make an electric bulb” I have realized that it is better to take action and make mistake than not to do anything at all.

3. ACTIONS OVERCOME FEAR: “Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain. – Mark Twain. Don’t just face your fears, but do the very thing we fear. Thinking will not overcome fear, only your action will. When you do not nothing, you only generate more fear, but when you act, fear is bound to give way. In fact, fear is nature’s way of warning us to get busy because when you do not act, doubt and fear builds up, but when you do take action, you increase in confidence and courage. Someone said “everything you want is on the other side of fear”, so why not act today. Every little action builds your character and moves you closer to victory. In my own life, I have noticed that fear killed more dreams than failure ever did, so I resolved that I will feel the fear, but still act anyways.

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4. ACTIONS CREATE CHANGE: Do you want to see change in your life? Start taking action today? I moved from an average student to the top of my class within 2 years when I begin to discipline myself to read everyday, even if it was just a page! I started learning gradually everything I needed to know about each and every subject I took in class. I could miss anything else but not that time with my books. The same principle applies in every endeavour in life. Wishes don’t change the world, but actions do. The reality is you never know what results come from your actions. But if you don’t do anything, there will be no results. Again, you miss 100% those shots you do not take in life. Give yourself a chance to change your world by taking actions. Ask yourself, “what is the worst that will happen?” There is a story in the Bible about 4 lepers who left Israel because of hunger and dithered for a while at the gate of Samaria in search of food. Their condition changed when they asked themselves “why sit we here till we die?” 2 Kings7:1-3. They decided to take their fate in their own hands by venturing into the city and on getting in, there was a great plunder far beyond their imagination. There is a greatness ahead of you, but that fear and lack of action might be holding you back. Decide to change your story today by becoming an action-taker.


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