How Do I Find a Job?

My heart always goes out to those who are jobless and actively making efforts to be employed. I feel their pain as someone who has been there before. I always get asked this question “how can I find a job?” I have earlier responded to this in another forum, so I am basically “copying and pasting” with a slight update. 

Finding a job can be very daunting and challenging and sometimes even frustrating. Ever applied for a job and attended an interview and you left feeling you had the job, only to get a reply that you were not successful? I have been there severally. Back in the days, I always thought once you meet the requirements for a job, that was all you needed. How wrong I was. I have applied for hundreds, perhaps thousands of jobs and never got shortlisted. But today, I am in a job I enjoy doing and what I learnt over the years can also be helpful for you. Today, I work with a multinational company and have the privilege to lead an important segment of the business across several countries. So, you don’t necessarily need to know anyone or have a “godfather” to get a job or to succeed. 

Transform Your Career in 2019!

I believe that if you are patient, humble, willing to learn and acquire the necessary skills and follow the same principles of success, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. This requires discipline, persistence, faith and focus.

Sometimes back, I wrote a blog on Keys to Finding Your Dream Job and also How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired: Self Improvement
I will encourage you to read these as well. 

While I might not have all the answers, below is a summary of my recommendation for any job seeker:

  1. Determine exactly what type of job you want. There’s no point looking for “any” job. Anything means nothing and this usually ends in frustration. So be damn specific.
  2. Evaluate your skill sets and experience to determine if you are a match for the job. Do a self or skills assessment to help identify the gaps you have and what education or training you need to fill that gap.
  3. Find out someone who already has the type of job title or position you are aiming at. Social media tools like LinkedIn can very helpful here.
  4. Work on your self. This is called Personal Development. As you identify the gaps, draw up a plan to acquire the needed skills or education to make you fit for that role. Keep improving yourself and learning new things everyday. Be the best at what you do at the moment, while waiting for something better. I have found Coursera[1] very helpful as an online learning platform. So go to Coursera today, enroll in a program or course to further enhance your marketability.
  5. Get a mentor(s). Find someone in your field who can provide mentoring and guidance.
  6. Networking. Join professional associations and groups within your field. This could be a good source of referrals or getting in contact with hiring managers when a role comes up.
  7. Manage your Social Presence. Recruiters today use platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook to see what potential employees look like. So make sure you have a professional LinkedIn profile, ensure that what shows up in your social interaction reflects your personality and what you want to portray to potential employers.
  8. Have a professionally written resume and cover letter. Ensure these documents are error free. Also make sure your resumes and cover letters are tailored to the specific role you are applying for. There is nothing as one-cap-fits-all. That’s a recipe for failure.
  9. Subscribe to job alerts on your targeted companies’ websites, popular job sites and recruitment agency.
  10. Faith. I am a strong believer in the power of faith and prayer and I also recommend you develop absolute faith in God as you patiently wait for your breakthrough.

Reading: Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create an Uncontested Market Space and Make The Competition Irrelevant

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