The Best Morning Routines for Successful People

By Brian Tracy
Did you know that the early morning hours are the most important hours in your day?


They affect your mindset and your productivity for the rest of the day.

So, how can you start each day off on the right foot?

Plan your day the night before

By thinking about what you want to accomplish the next day, you areessentially visualizing what you are going to get done successfully, instead of wasting time worrying about where to start and what to do when you wake up. This puts you in the right mindset for success and keeps you calmer and more efficient.

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Set goals for the day every morning

When you wake up and get ready to act on the plans you made the night before, stop and take a second to remind yourself of what your goals are. This will refocus your energy into only what you want to complete and will promote more productivity throughout the day.

Avoid checking your phone

By making sure you have a morning routine that allows you to wake up, shower, get ready, and prepare a good breakfast, you are ensuring that you are more likely to feel accomplished andstay focused all day.

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Checking your phone for emails, new social media notifications, or missed calls can cause you the anxiety that goes along with feeling like you have to have to start jumping in and handling everything immediately. Give yourself a break for some focus and you’ll thank yourself later.

For additional morning routine tips that can help you manage your daily productivity, watch “Morning Routines of Successful People” here.

Remember, it’s okay to take a few minutes for yourself.



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