Career Growth Tips 6: Keys to Personal Branding

1. Be Consistent.

When building a career, this element is vital, otherwise you will end up confusimg people. Therefore, strive to always present yourself in the same manner in your communication style, interactions with people and in all you do.

2. Be Patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Therefore, understand that building lasting legacies takes time. You might make some mistakes along the way, tweak your strategy necessary, but stick to your goal.

3. Write a Personal Brand Statement

This is a statement of who you want your ideal self or career to be like. Paste it where you can see it every morning and last thing at night before going to bed. It serves as a constant reminder of your aim.

4. Share Your Knowledge

Jesus mentioned in the Bible that a lamp is of no use if it is hidden under a bushel. So look for right avenues to demonstrate your learnt. Add value to the lives of of others by giving. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

5. Be Authentic 

Don’t waste valuable time trying to be like someone else. Acknowledge your uniqueness. You have something special the world is looking for. Dig deep inside and find that jewel. Use your style to attract the job or career you wish for. A friend once told me that he read where Serena Williams was asked as a kid, who she would be to like when she grew up. Her response stunned the interview. She said nobody, but that she wanted people to be like her.

6. Compete with Yourself Not Others

Determine to be better today than you were yesterday, this week than you were last week and this month or year, than you were last month and year. That’s the key to personal growth. Unhealthy rivalry is when you look at your self through the eyes of another. No two persons have the same destiny. So focus on becoming a better you everyday. Click the image below to see a Coursera course on personal branding.


5 thoughts on “Career Growth Tips 6: Keys to Personal Branding

  1. chika ojukwu

    mind-boggling! I enjoyed it.
    Kudos and thanks for sharing…. compete with nobody but yourself made so much impression and the story of Serena William’s interview was so apt.


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