Daily Habits That Will Guarantee Success: Part 2

In my interaction with people from different backgrounds, I have found a common denominator which is the need to be successful, healthy, and to live a life of meaning. So we find that everyone has the same desire, but apply different approaches to achieving the life of their dreams and this is what determines whether they achieve their aim or not. Mere desire will not transform into fulfillment of our dreams without some efforts and right application. In my earlier blog, I mentioned some daily habits that will guarantee success and today will like to explore that further.


1. Live a life of purpose                                                                                                                      I will define purpose as the “why” behind every thing you do. As humans, we are not here on this planet by accident, we are here for a specific reason. The question we need to constantly ask ourselves is “why am I here, what am I living for?” What is it that you look forward to when you rise up early in the morning? Do you have any excitement and drive to face the day? Or do you feel like “Oh it’s another day again” When you have a purpose, it is almost impossible to just merely exist. Have you discovered your life’s purpose. Whose lives are you touching and in what ways?  Every object we see today was made for a purpose and it started as a thought in someone’s mind. The person who invented the pen, computer, car, shoe, electrical, mechanical, digital gadgets, and so on had a purpose in mind – to solve a problem, to meet a need.  We were all created also to solve a problem.To find out exactly what purpose an object serves, it is usually best to ask the manufacturer. Most appliances usually have a Manufacturer’s Manual which explains everything we need to know about that appliance, it tells us the purpose the object was made and the problem it will solve. As a Christian, I discovered my purpose through my relationship with God, my source, my Creator. Everyone was born with unique talents and for a specific purpose, to be  successful is to find your gifts and use it to impact others positively. No matter what you are going through, realise that your life has a purpose and stay connected to your source. The moment you lose that connection you lose purpose and the energy to fulfil your purpose.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why” – Mark Twain

“The very fact that we expressed our spiritual, Godly nature into a physical body means that we came here to fulfill a specific assignment. This assignment is crafted after our unique talents, abilities and perspectives, Therefore, we are the only ones who can fulfill it” – George Lizos

One of the best materials I have found on Purpose is the book written by Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life and I do recommend it for everyone. Additional resources on purpose can be found here.

2. Power of focus                                                                                                                              The focus mean to pay attention, to be present. Successful people have the habit of focusing on the things they desire and not the things they don’t want. When we focus on our problems we multiple those problems, and when we focus on positive outcomes, we tend to have more positive results. Therefore, learn to focus on what matters most in your life. Most people attend meetings where they are physically present, but absent-minded. They are either busy with their phones or have their thoughts wandering, thereby affecting the quality of their contribution or impact. If you want to be an impactful person, learn to present wherever you are.  When we develop the habit of focusing on a particular thought, it compels our minds to look in the direction of our thoughts. When we do this repeatedly, our lives ultimately moves towards that direction. Focus determines your reality and whatever you focus on expands. Tim Fargo puts it rightly when he said “If you doubt the power of focus, try riding two bicycles at a time”  To be successful, focus on developing your unique talents and skills. Also, learn to be careful about what or who you give your attention to, because whatever gets your attention gets you.

One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular” – Tony Robbins 

3. Optimize the power of words                                                                                                        Our words carry amazing power – creative and destructive powers are inherent in words. God created the world with words, He merely spoke and things came to be. Words have been known to kill, cause wars, break relationships and driven people to great heights of accomplishments. Everyone loves a commendation, but we all cringe when someone says something condemning about us. Be careful how you use words, for in it lies the power of life and death. Someone said words have more power than the atomic bomb, but unfortunately, how often do we use words wrongly. We speak negative things about our jobs, finances, health, children and every conceivable aspect of our lives. When you find yourself uttering a negative word, stop right there, don’t complete that negative statement. Your words can drive your subordinates to deliver excellent results or generate a lack of energy from your team. Decide to change your vocabulary if you are guilty of always using rash or bad words, do this consistently for the next week and see the impact it makes in your life.

Addtional resources for succesful living and growth in every aspect of your life.

4. Listen more than you speak                                                                                                          I guess we were given two ears and one mouth because God wanted us to listen twice more than we talk. We learn more when we listen than when we talk. Again, when we listen the intention should be to learn and not to reply. I found in my experience that I connect more with people and get them to agree with me when I listen more deeply and try to understand their viewpoints. If we develop the reputation of being good listeners, we will be amazed at how we attract more people to ourselves. Listening requires discipline and patience, it is also a skill we need to learn as we are mostly wired to speak. How many times we have got into trouble for speaking, when we would have rather been silent. It is said that silence is golden.

Be a good listener.Your ears will never get you in trouble” – Frank Tyger

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