French President’s Visit to Lagos

Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria had the privilege of playing host to Emmanuel Macron, the President of France,  yesterday. While in Lagos, asides his visit to the iconic Afrika Shrine, Macron took the opportunity to motivate and challenge everyone during a town hall to strive towards living a life of no limits.

His words  ” it’s not your nationality or ID that determines if you can succeed or not.. is in your mind….if you think in your mind that being a Nigerian, you can succeed, you will succeed…” (paraphrased) Watch Macron challenge the audience to believe in their ability and not allow their background place a limit on who or what they can become.

I read somewhere today that Macron was an intern at the French embassy in Nigeria about 15 years. Today he is the President of France. I am certain this did not happen by chance. Some of the people who he worked under or with during that period might still be in the same position today. That is the reality of life. Someone said 10 years from now, you will surely arrive, but the but question is “where?”

We all have read stories of several people who started from nothing and become great successes. We have also seen and read about failures. We can categorize people’s life stories in two.One group is called example – these are the people we would like to emulate and associate with, while the other group is called lesson – people whose lives and story are a lesson on how not to live. Some perhaps had a good start in life, but ended up badly. It doesn’t matter how or where you started, where you are and where you are going to is what matters. Finishing strong should be your ultimate goal. Make the choice today to be an example to this generation.


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