Start renovating your life today with these 5 tools 🔨🔧

This week, take a hard look at where you stand in life and renovate where necessary. Get intentional about the things you want to change and take the first step today!

1. Stay strong.
Exercise is crucial for a healthy heart. This week, aim to walk 10,000 steps per day, and try to hit the weights twice per week.
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2. Self-care.
Stay alert by taking time out of your day to meditate or do a yoga routine—anything that will help you recharge.
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3. Change language. 
If negative thinking is keeping you down, rewire your thought patterns by using positive phrases such as “I can” or “I believe.”
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4. Get intentional. 
Are you being purposeful? Write down your goals and take time to examine your intent behind each one.
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5. Fuel creativity. 
To get your creative juices flowing, allow yourself to be bored. Taking a step back can give you a fresh perspective.
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courtesy: Success Magazine


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